Social Media Agency

Social Media has evolved and matured rapidly over the last 12 months and today is changing the way businesses are marketing their products and services to a vast yet highly targeted audience of online users.

The early days of social media and the limited capabilities of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter meant that brands focused their social media marketing efforts around customer service and customer communication. While these elements are still extremely important, the platforms now allow targeted communication via text and video that bring businesses closer than ever to both existing and potential customers. Today, platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat offer even more access to customers that drive new business.

As a social media company, we’ve been managing social media accounts for a wide range of clients within the Hospitality, FMCG, Real Estate and Retail sectors as well as a large number of international businesses within the B2B space.

Social Media Service Offering

Our team of specialists keep up-to-date with the latest social trends and developments and we offer a full range of Social Media Services.

Social Media Community Management Services

Managing your business' community on social media is an important but highly-rewarding activity to executed correctly. Not only does community management allow you forge a closer relationship with both customers and prospects (potentially new customers) but also provides trust, credibility and a layer of transparency for your business that was previously difficult to obtain. In addition, brands who are active on social media have a greater chance of leveraging new business opportunities and building brand loyalty due to the increased visibility on offer. Over 41 million people in the Middle East are on social media platforms with over 87% of active social media users being on Facebook.

Influencer Marketing - Agency Services

Social Media Influencers are having an increasingly bigger impact on the success of a company's social media activities - and with great reason too. Influencers are today, in many cases, the modern day celebrity with a loyal following of fans interested in their stories, opinions and day to day activities. In fact, many influencers have a higher following on the mainstream social media platforms than some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Social Media Influencers generally have a core social media platform of choice, which is often YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. In addition to this, it's not uncommon for influencers to cross-market their personal brand to other platforms and by doing so can often have a slightly different follower base because of this.

Social Media Content Creation & Distribution

The term "Content is King" is often used to highlight the importance of content within modern day marketing. Today, the role of content within any social media campaign is as significant, if not more, than the channels you employ or the advertising budget you spend. Content is what attracts online prospects whether it be videos, imagery, animations, informative blog articles, podcasts or e-guides. Without high quality content, the effectiveness of your social media activity will be compromised.

Social Media Advertising and Media Services

Social Media Marketing is ever-changing. It's therefore important for your business to keep up to date with the latest developments, technologies and of course, opportunities available when it comes to marketing your business on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn or Pinterest. As with many things online, those who take advantage of online marketing opportunities before others, usually have the greatest success with the least amount of cost incurred. Social Media Marketing is no different.

Social Media Listening, Engagement and Reporting

One of the key benefits for a brand engaging in social media is the ability to understand what customers are saying about you and to engage in any conversations that concern you. Remember, whether you have a presence on social media or not, it's likely that your customers are already talking about you, so having the ability to respond and be a part of this has huge advantages.

Social Media Marketing for Events

Social Media is playing an increasingly important role in the marketing of events such as conferences, exhibitions, concerts, product launches and any other event-driven activation. Social Media actively supports the pre-event awareness stage, in / during event and post-event marketing activities. A well-planned and executed social media strategy for events can often be the difference between a moderately successful event and one that reaches and engages attendees and a wider audience of future attendees.

Mobile Application Download and Usage Marketing on Social Media

Previously, one of the biggest frustrations for mobile application owners were the limited opportunities available to market their mobile apps to a highly-targeted user base. This is no longer the case. If your business has a mobile app (or is a mobile app) that relies on download volumes, social media marketing can provide the link between your business and a highly targeted audience of app users. As mobile usage has increased, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google recognise the devices used by each user and provide this information together with other data to advertisers. Mayamedia Entertainment has helped many companies market their mobile apps to highly specific audiences to ensure not only downloads but also encourage usage.